Gone Fishing Membership portal

Gone Fishing Membership portal

It would be my pleasure to inform you that we have created Gone Fishing Membership Portal, online platform where you can make free account, select one of packages and pay your next fishing tour through several monthly payments.






Why it may be interesting to you?

Because smaller monthly payments are more convenient and less burden on the budget comparing to full payment at once. When the whole family is traveling, expenses for the travel, hotel and leisure activities could be overwhelming and many desired activities are left out for the “next time”.

Most of the travelers are planning their trip at least 6 month or even a year, so why not plan the payments earlier, too? Membership with us could be exactly what you are looking for.


Few details about membership:

  • The pricing packages are flexible, customized for every pocket and group / family size – from 10 USD/Month to 300 USD/Month
  • You are not “locked” with any contract or obligation; payment process is automated, recurring monthly billing by Paypal. you can stop/cancel the membership any time (from your Paypal account) and continue if/when you want.
  • Your history of transactions is available in your user panel, both of us will know at any time how much money you have on your account.
  • It’s your money, 100% of your payments goes towards your next fishing tour. If amount is not enough you can pay the rest in cash on the fishing tour day, if you have more you can leave it on the platform for the next fishing day, or check if some of Gone Fishing T-shirts suits you.






If you’d like to take advantage of our Gone Fishing Membership system, please follow this link:


(registration is free, fast and easy, platform is super simple and intuitive).

I certainly hope this information helps for your next fishing adventure. Thank you for reading!

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