New record on Gone Fishing tour! 92 Mahi Mahis in one day!

New record on Gone Fishing tour! 92 Mahi Mahis in one day!

On Tuesday 20th January 2015 we have got new record; one fishing team (our customers) on boat Sarabel (controlled by Captain Gil P. and first mate Anderson S.)  in one day catched 92 Mahi Mahis! Previous record was set in October 2014 with 72 Mahi Maxis.


New record on Gone Fishing tour! 92 Mahi Mahis in one day!


Gone Fishing is the premier deep sea fishing excursion in Punta Cana. Crew is seasoned, experienced and ready to help in any situation. They will give you insights about the local fishing conditions, about native fish species and much more. Guides are also important if you want to maximize your fishing opportunities. Guides know the best spots to fish, can advise you of local regulations, and will assist you in getting the most productive fishing time out of your day. Records like 92 Mahi Mahis in a day are speaking for itself.

Deep sea fishing involves several techniques but we prefer trolling (all our excursions are Trolling) – that is a form of angling performed by drawing a baited line on the bottom of the ocean. The bait usually resembles squid or other smaller fish regularly used for bait and it is used behind the boat. Deep sea fishing boats have an equipment called stabilizers or outriggers that make the fish catching area larger.

Punta Cana is one of the most preferred holiday destinations in Dominican Republic. Every year thousands of travelers and tourists visit this place and enjoy the tropical, exotic climate. The unparalleled natural beauty, beaches and unspoiled countryside makes it really special for nature lovers. Many of excursions and activities are developed to cater the needs of numerous tourists – zipline, horseback riding and jeep safari, for example, as well as water sports, and fishing activities. Deep sea fishing trips are one of its kinds and you should not miss on them.

Fishing in the middle of the sea acts as a unique experience. Nothing can be more thrilling than being able to serve yourself with your day’s labor. Moreover, if you keep certain things in mind while going for fishing, it will be a fun filled activity for you or the entire group. This recreational sport is fun, social, affordable, challenging and thrilling.

Maybe you and your friends might surpass a current Gone Fishing record?

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